We are currently in a difficult situation where none of us expected that everything would suddenly “freeze”. However, that doesn’t stop us from dreaming and being positive. We can also look at it as a good opportunity for us to evolve more.

Life is full of uncertainty. It is part of being alive. It’s something we all share together.

People cannot quit because of uncertainty. We learn from this. We adapt to that. And we move on.

We maintain a strong positive outlook hoping that the problem will be short-lived, the spread of the virus will be significantly reduced during summer and that we will again be able to provide you an abundance of positive experiences!

We keep on posting all these ideas and opportunities. From yachts, services, suggestions so you can see what is available for you to enjoy… whenever you are ready.

In the light of global precautionary measures, it is understandable that there may be concerns and questions about events or cruises, regardless of whether you are a partner, we are here to help, by supporting you and answering any questions you may have, as we closely monitor the general situation and developments.       

“Maritime tourism and specifically, yachting is a separate industry where our country has all the qualities to support, even in a difficult time. A yacht can be a safe environment and is particularly versatile as you can choose less touristy places and secluded bays especially on cruises, and thus expose yourself to less danger. We are determined to ensure the safety of customers and provide the best possible service when we are back.”

For now, be safe, take all common sense safety measures for your families and companies and remember, this time we are all together in that.

See you on Mykonos!

Elias Linardopoulos
CEO, Luxury Yacht Parties

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