First Princess X80 set for Boot Düsseldorf debut

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Princess Yachts has announced that the in-build 25 metre Princess X80 will make its global debut at Boot Düsseldorf in January 2022.

Set to hit the water in 2021, the Princess X80 is the second in the shipyard’s X Class Superfly range, following on from its larger sibling, the X95.

Designed by Princess in collaboration with Olesinski and Italian design house Pininfarina, the X80 is packed with large adaptable spaces, flexible accommodation and extensive outdoor space, thanks to a focus on al fresco living.

The yacht takes inspiration from the “sophisticated sculpted surfaces and long flowing lines of the X95” while retaining the “well respected and internationally recognised classic Princess design,” the yard said.

Defined by high bulwarks and an enclosed wheelhouse, the exterior of the X80 features glazing along the main deck. Elsewhere, the yacht features a skylounge on the upper deck accessible by internal stairs on the main deck, which is dedicated to living areas.

Accommodation on board is for eight guests in four cabins, a full beam master stateroom amidships, forward guest stateroom, double guest to starboard and twin cabin to port. Aft of the accommodation sits the crew quarters, which is large enough for three. Fitted with twin MAN V12 1900 engines, the X80 will have a top speed of 30 knots.

Speaking about the new model, Princess executive chairman Antony Sheriff said: “The X Class’s ground-breaking architecture creates an entirely new product segment as Princess continues to push the boundaries of yacht design.”

The design was revealed just days after the first X95 yacht was pictured undertaking sea trials.

Sheriff added: “The first X95 has just completed sea trials and her revolutionary design has caused a stir. Initial feedback makes it clear that we have a great success on our hands. We have worked over the past two years to envelop all of the X95’s unique qualities into a more compact package. The X80 is just that, another bold step for Princess Yachts.”

Greece Aiming for May 14 Tourism Opening

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Greece aspires to open to tourism this year by May 14, Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis said last Tuesday on the opening day of the ITB Berlin 2021 virtual event.

“We’re updating last year’s health protocols to take into account the accumulated experience of the previous year. With these protocols in mind, we aspire to open by the 14th of May,” Theoharis said.

Speaking during an online press conference at the Acropolis Museum, Theoharis said the government is aiming to gradually lift Covid-19 restrictions by the opening date of May 14 in accordance to health considerations.

“For example, we plan to test our health protocols in the beginning of April with EU and other highly vaccinated countries like Israel,” the tourism minister said, however, adding that – for now – all dates are indicative.

How Greece will Open, who can come

According to the minister, Greece is ready to welcome visitors with a complete protocol for summer 2021.

“Tourists will be welcome if they are vaccinated before travel or have antibodies or test negative,” Theoharis said.

All tourists that enter Greece will be subject to random testing similar to last year based on the country’s EVA program, Greece’s AI screening and testing program created to vet the Covid-19 risk of incoming tourists through all of the country’s entry points.

“An important difference, of course, this year is that we can use rapid tests,” he added, explaining that if a traveler tests positive, isolation will take place immediately without the visitor having to face the hassle of moving 24 hours after having already settled in.

Moreover, the minister said that all health needs, including hospitalization, related to Covid-19 will be provided by the Greek state at no cost to tourists, just like last year.

He also said that all of the country’s rules that are valid for Greeks will also be valid for tourists.

“There will be no differentiation, no exemption,” Theoharis said, adding that – for example – mask wearing in public places applies to all citizens and guests.

Greece will also strengthen its health system structures in all destinations like last year to provide reassurance of proper care to citizens and guests alike.

Furthermore, the government will prioritize the vaccination of people working in the tourism industry, as well as of the general population, as soon as the most vulnerable receive the jab.

“In the meantime, we are mandating frequent testing of employees in order to provide both safety and peace of mind,” the minister said.

Greece’s new slogan

During the press conference, the minister revealed the country’s new slogan to promote Greek tourism to markets abroad: “All you want is Greece”.

“Yes, this year and forever, all you want is Greece – to put a smile on your face once again… In the hope that you will get your life back, all you want is Greece,” the minister said.

Referring to the 2021 tourism season, Theoharis said Greece is “more than optimistic” and ready to “share the experience of liberation” from the unpleasant memories of the pandemic with its guests.

“Today one can add to the incomparable advantages of Greece as a tourist destination its commitment to offer and guarantee the health and safety of each and every tourist,” he said.

Germany has ranked as the leading tourist market for Greece. According to data provided by the ministry, over 1.5 million German tourists visited Greece in 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic out of a total of 6 million tourists. In 2019 Greece had welcomed 4.03 million Germans.


Royal romance: History’s greatest celebrity love stories at sea

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Royal romance: History’s greatest celebrity love stories at sea

Ahead of Valentine’s Day 2021, we discover the details of royal romances and scandalous celebrity love affairs that took place on board yachts, including the relationship of British King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson… 

It was Coco Chanel who claimed that a yacht was the best place to start a love affair – words that she lived up to, starting her own 10-year liaison with the Duke of Westminster aboard his yacht, the black-hulled, piratical-looking schooner Flying Cloud. They had met in the Casino at Monte Carlo, when the Duke, who knew the woman Chanel was dining with, had come across to talk to her. The Duke, the richest man in England, was immediately fascinated by Chanel.

Flying Cloud, the four-masted schooner belonging to the Duke of Westminster, would set the scene for his love affair with fashion designer Coco Chanel.

Beautiful elegant, witty and fiercely independent, she had climbed, step-by-step and man-by-man, from her deprived, poverty-stricken childhood to become the best-known dress designer in Europe, as well as immensely rich. Bendor, as the Duke was known, wooed Chanel with everything from jewels to salmon sent over from his Scottish estate. Finally, she yielded, going aboard 86m Flying Cloud in the late spring of 1924.

It was a world of total luxury. As well as the four-poster beds, the crew of 40 and the silk curtains, Bendor had brought along a small orchestra so that the two of them could dance every night. Tall, blond and good-looking, he had houses everywhere, all ready for instant use – cars fuelled, food in the larder, servants in Grosvenor uniform – as he seldom stayed anywhere longer than three days and usually arrived without warning.

The romance between Coco Chanel and the Duke of Westminster lasted 10 years.

With Bendor, Chanel became a close friend of Winston Churchill, who admired her greatly and visited her, sometimes with a member of his family, every time he came to Paris. And it was from the deck of Flying Cloud that Chanel spotted the piece of land on which she built her villa La Pausa – her only real home (in Paris she lived in the Ritz).

A few years after Bendor’s affair with Chanel was over, he offered to lend Flying Cloud to another man he knew, who would also be conducting a love affair on board. This, too, was to become a seminal trip. The man in question was King Edward VIII, who was deeply infatuated with Wallis Simpson, a 40-year-old married American who had already been divorced once. The English public knew nothing of the affair, although rumours had been buzzing round Europe and the US for some weeks. The King had originally planned to rent a villa, completely screened from the public gaze, but rumours of a bomb plot meant this was not considered safe and Flying Cloud was offered. She was turned down by Mrs Simpson, though, for not being comfortable enough.

The love affair between King Edward VIII and divorced American Wallis Simpson became public knowledge after the pair spent time on board Nahlin.

Enter the rich and eccentric Lady Yule (she had a house full of stuffed creatures and an animal graveyard in her garden), for whom the 1,391-ton Nahlin had been built as one of three impressive yachts. At 91.44m Nahlin was the last word in luxury: she had a gymnasium, a dance floor, a bathroom for each of her eight staterooms and a top speed of more than 20 knots. Another advantage was that her 50 crew members had been selected for their sense of discretion as much as for their seamanship.

Ιn August 1936, Lady Yule lent the yacht, freshly painted white from stem to stern, to the King for the cruise along the Adriatic Coast that alerted the world to his relationship with Wallis Simpson. On board there was no hiding it: the King and Mrs Simpson were in the best suite at one end of the yacht; all the guests were at the other. There were the usual demands from the couple: all the books had to be removed from the library in order to produce an extra bedroom, a supply of bottles laid on as well as golf balls for the King to hit into the sea.

On Nahlin, King Edward VIII and Simpson cruised along the Adriatic Coast. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

With Nahlin calling at port after port and endless photographs of the King and Mrs Simpson together, in the eyes of the foreign press there was no doubt that the two were a couple. Wherever they went, crowds of sightseers gathered on the quay and the cruise became the biggest holiday attraction in Europe, though not everyone on board enjoyed it so much.

“Wallis is wearing very badly,” wrote Lady Diana Cooper, one of the guests, to a friend, adding: “It’s impossible to enjoy antiquities with people who won’t land for them and who call Delphi Delhi.” As the world knows, within four months the King had abdicated; in another six the pair would be married.

King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson tender in to port along the Dalmation coast.

A yacht was also responsible for the public declaration of the affair between a beautiful young actress and a media tycoon 30 years her senior. Marion Davies was a slender, pretty blonde with large blue eyes, wonderful skin and a warm and happy personality. At school a slight stutter had so held her back that she had turned to the world of make-believe – in other words, acting, at which she became successful almost instantly. By 1917, when she was 20, she was offered a job by Florenz Ziegfeld in his Follies and she also had the chance of appearing in a new branch of entertainment, the motion picture.

The married media mogul William Randolph Hearst, then 53, fell for her immediately. It was rumoured that he took two seats at the Follies every night, one for himself and one for his hat. He showered Davies with gifts, promoted her career and watched over her. By 1920 he was talking to her daily, writing her poetry and had refurbished a town house for her mother and sisters. For him, it was true love – but it was also an era when divorce seemed out of the question.

Film star Marion Davies was wooed by media mogul William Randolph Hearst while on board Oneida, his 61m steam yacht.

By 1921, Hearst, then an influential tycoon in the film and publishing worlds, was tired of juggling time between his wife and his mistress and longed to spend more time with his beloved Marion. He asked her, her sister, mother and another man and his daughter to join him on his yacht Oneida for a private screening of the film Enchantment in which Davies starred. Once they were in open water, he suggested they all go to Mexico for a holiday at his expense. They agreed. But an afternoon watching a film in the safe waters of New York harbour was one thing, a fortnight in the languorous blue waters of the Caribbean quite another. Now, his wife, Millicent, who was left behind, had to face the fact that from now on Davies was a “non- negotiable” part of his life.

On another cruise, with Charlie Chaplin as a guest, Davies confided in the legendary comic actor’s second wife, Lita Grey. “God, I’d give everything I have to marry that silly old man,” she said. “Not for the money and security – he’s given me more than I’ll ever need. Not because he’s such cosy company, either. Most times, when he starts jawing, he bores me stiff. And certainly not because he’s so wonderful behind the barn. Why, I could find a million better lays any Wednesday. No, you know what he gives me, sugar? He gives me the feeling I’m worth something to him. He’s kind and he’s good to me, and I’d never walk out on him.” And she never did.

The 99 metre Christina, which set the scene for Aristotle Onassis' love affairs, has since been revived as Christina O.

That’s not to say that most wouldn’t have found two weeks on Christina rather enjoyable as well. It had cost the shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis more than £3 million to convert a 92-metre Canadian frigate into a luxury yacht. There were frescoes of the family on the dining room walls, bar stools covered with white whale foreskins (“Madame, you are now sitting on the largest penis in the world,” Ari told the film star Greta Garbo) and the temperature of the water in the swimming pool was electronically controlled. In Ari’s four-room suite there was a teak-panelled study, a sunken blue Siena marble tub and Venetian mirrored walls.

Christina was the setting for three of Ari’s love affairs that became globally famous. The first was with opera’s greatest celebrity, the renowned soprano Maria Callas. They had met in 1957, when Ari began by inviting Callas back to the Christina for scrambled eggs and champagne, but her husband, Giovanni Meneghini, refused on behalf of them both. This did not stop Ari showering Callas with flowers and telephone calls to persuade the couple to come on a cruise on Christina in the summer of 1959, which they finally accepted. Also on board were Winston Churchill, his doctor, his secretary, Churchill’s pet canary Toby and Ari’s daughter Christina (after whom the yacht was named).

It was on Aristotle Onassis’ yacht Christina that his affair with opera singer Maria Callas was revealed.

Meneghini, suspicious and seasick, did not know that Callas and Ari had already become lovers earlier in the year but several of those on the cruise noticed the undercurrents of jealousy and intrigue. Then, when Christina reached Istanbul, everything changed. Callas no longer attempted to hide the fact that she was in the grip of a love both passionate and physical; for the 53-year-old Ari it was a triumph not only to have conquered a woman almost 20 years younger but one who was the most famous singer in the world. At a ball given in Athens, the two hardly left each other’s side, with Callas arriving back on the Christina at 9am to her husband’s 4am. A blistering row ensued; then, one dawn when Christina was unable to sleep, she went for a stroll and saw her father and Callas making love in the saloon.

Soon the scandal was worldwide, with paparazzi pursuing them everywhere. “What can I do?” asked the unhappy Meneghini while Ari merely remarked: “I am a sailor and these are things which sometimes happen to a sailor.” Both marriages broke up and the tempestuous affair continued for another eight years, with Callas treated as “la patronne” by the crew of Christina, until Ari dumped her for Lee Radziwill, the sister of President Jack Kennedy’s wife, Jackie.

Five years after John F Kennedy’s assassination, Jackie wed Onassis in Greece and a reception followed on board Christina.

Then, after Jackie’s third child was born prematurely (in August 1963) and died, Radziwill, as the yacht’s reigning mistress, called her sister in Washington to invite her on a restorative cruise on Christina. Ari stocked it with eight varieties of caviar and the finest wines, as well as implementing the 60-strong crew with two hairdressers, three chefs, a Swedish masseuse and a small orchestra for evening dancing.

It was the turning point in their relationship. From now on, Jackie was the sister in whom Ari was interested. When, only a few months later, Jack Kennedy was assassinated, Ari’s focus on Jackie grew more intent but it took another cruise to complete the byzantine financial intricacies of the marriage negotiations. Saying “yes” on the Christina had never been so complicated…

Pictures courtesy of Getty Images.


Sundays brunch on board with our signature

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Brunch is an enjoyable habit. However, “Lazy Sunday Brunch on board” takes this habit to a whole new level of an all encompassing experience. Sundays are now filled with refined gastronomy choices on board our Marlin motor yacht, moored at the Agios Kosmas Marina. Mesmerizing views of the sea and downtempo tunes complete the scene.

Our first brunch events started on the 18th of October with great success among clients and partners that pushed us to keep organizing them until the last Sunday of November. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, our plan was not able to materialise to its full extent.

Book your seat for brunch

Marlin is a stunning, luxury, 22 meter motor yacht that combines elegance and comfort. The interior is all made from dark wood that fits perfectly with our main dining room. On the same level, you will find the open plan kitchen and the living room. Live cooking has been planned as an extra experience that four lucky guests will be able to enjoy from a table with a privileged view right opposite of the kitchen.

The outdoor spaces of the boat consist of two decks. On the main deck, you will find our comfortable couch as well as the sunbeds on the prow of the boat for some extra relaxation. Our sundeck is also equipped with a couch and a few seats where our guests can enjoy their food whilst gazing at the sea from the Agios Kosmas Marina.

We have a buffet with a great variety and all our meals are prepared with premium ingredients. We offer sweet and savory plates as well as options for our vegan guests. Our bar serves French coffee and the finest espresso in addition to fresh smithies to boost your immune system, fresh juices and homemade lemonade. Our chefs, Maria Bay & Dimitris Bellos, has created a very special menu, that every week features small tasty changes.

We hope to welcome everyone who wants to enjoy a state of the art food experience accompanied by excellent hospitality and events like DJ sets, live music (saxophone and violin) as well as live cooking. Our brunch will continue every Sunday from the spring of 2022.

Brilliant Christmas gifts

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Φέτος η αποστολή ενός δώρου στους συναδέλφους και τους πελάτες μας, είναι πιο σημαντική από κάθε άλλη χρονιά!

Δημιουργήστε μαζί μας κάτι μοναδικό, επιλέγοντας τον τύπο του δώρου, κρασί ή σαμπάνια, γλυκές προτάσεις και πούρα που έχουμε επιλέξει από τους εκλεκτούς μας συνεργάτες που εμπιστευόμαστε στις εκδηλώσεις μας και για τις προμήθειες των σκαφών.

Γιορτάστε δυνατά και απολαύστε ξεκούραστα το ρεβεγιόν Χριστουγέννων και Πρωτοχρονιάς με το αγαπημένο Celebration Box (για 9 άτομα), σε συνεργασία με την ARIA Fine Catering. Υπέροχα εδέσματα με υψηλή δημιουργικότητα και αισθητική που θα ενθουσιάσουν τους καλεσμένους σας και θα τους χαρίσουν αξέχαστες γιορτινές στιγμές.

*Ζητήστε μας αναλυτικά το μενού Χριστουγέννων & Πρωτοχρονιάς.

Πεντανόστιμες συνταγές από την Pastry Chef Miss Aria!
Παραδοσιακοί κουραμπιέδες, πατροπαράδοτα μελομακάρονα, χειροποίητα Christmas cookies και γιορτινά Ginger Breads, όλα σε καταπληκτικές γιορτινές συσκευασίες για δώρο ή το σπίτι σας!

ARIA Christmas Gift Bakes

ARIA Exclusive Christmas Gift Creations 

ARIA Velvet Texture Christmas Tree 35€ (30€ διάφανο κουτί)
Μαύρη σοκολάτα με επικάλυψη σοκολάτας και βούτυρο κακάο
ARIA Velvet Texture Bûche De Noël 38€
Xριστουγεννιάτικος κορμός με mousse σαμπάνιας και καρδιά από κάστανο

Κτήμα Μουσών

Η φιλοσοφία στο Κτήμα Μουσών είναι να δημιουργούν κρασιά εναρμονισμένα πλήρως στο οικοσύστημα και στο μικρόκλιμα της κοιλάδας των Μουσών. Στόχος τους είναι να διατηρήσουν την ισορροπία, την προσωπικότητα και την αγάπη που απαιτείται για την απελευθέρωση των αισθήσεων. Το όραμά του Κτήμα Μουσών είναι να παράγουν οίνους που αντιπροσωπεύουν τόσο την Κοιλάδα των Μουσών όσο και την ίδια την οικογένεια. 

Α Μuse Blanc 9,50€ – Α Μuse Rose 10,50€ | Ξύλινη συσκευασία 2 φιαλών 8€
Το A Muse Rose διατίθεται σε μπουκάλι Magnum (1,5lt) & Jeroboam (3lt)

Χρυσόλιθος Λευκός 9€ – Χρυσόλιθος Ερυθρός 10€ | Ξύλινη συσκευασία 6 φιαλών 13€
Διατίθενται σε μπουκάλια Magnum (1,5lt) | Ξύλινη συσκευασία για Magnum 10€

Το μονοποικιλιακό απόσταγμα σταφυλής από την ποικιλία Μούχταρο είναι η ναυαρχίδα του Αποστακτηρίου Lost Lake.
Το μονοποικιλιακό απόσταγμα σταφυλής από την ποικιλία Μαλαγουζιά είναι η δεύτερη και πολύ επιτυχημένη απόπειρα του Αποστακτηρίου Lost Lake στην παρασκευή μονοποικιλιακού αποστάγματος.

Απόσταγμα Μαλαγουζιά 22,50€ – Απόσταγμα Μούχταρο 22,50€

Château de Miraval (Famille Perrin)

Το διάσημο κρασί των Brad Pitt και Angelina Jolie που η μεγάλη οινική οικογένεια Perrin έκανε πραγματικότητα. To Château Miraval είναι μια ιστορική ιδιοκτησία που υπήρχε ήδη από το 1252.  

‘Oμορφο απαλό ροζ χρώμα. Φανταστικό μπουκέτο με λεπτά αρώματα λευκών φρούτων. Στόμα στρογγυλό και απαλό με αρώματα κερασιού, άγριας φράουλας και με ίχνη αλμύρας. Διαθέτει μία δροσιστική οξύτητα, χάρη στο υψόμετρο των αμπελώνων. Τελείωμα ισορροπημένο διαρκές και κομψό.

Miraval Rose 0,750lt – 21,50€ | Miraval Rose 1,50lt – 45€ | Miraval Rose 0,375lt – 13,30€

Γνωρίστε τη συλλογή της Armand De Brignac

Τα cuvées της σαμπάνιας Armand De Brignac, παράγονται από την οικογένεια Cattier, η οποία εδώ και 13 γενιές ασχολείται με την παραγωγή σαμπάνιας, στην περιοχή Rilly-la-Montagne της Montagne de Reims, όπου καλλιεργεί τους οικογενειακούς αμπελώνες που κατέχει από το 1763.

Κάθε cuvée της Armand De Brignac χαρακτηρίζεται από τη μίξη τριών ξεχωριστών vintages, επιτρέποντας περισσότερα επίπεδα πολυπλοκότητας, πλούτου και αποχρώσεων αρωμάτων σε σύγκριση με ένα single vintage κρασί. Αυτή η προσέγγιση του trio multi-vintage blend, αποτελεί τη χαρακτηριστική υπογραφή της Armand De Brignac.

Σε κάθε στάδιο της δημιουργίας της Armand De Brignac, από τη συγκομιδή, το πάτημα, το riddling, το disgorging και την τοποθέτηση των ετικετών συμμετέχει μόνο μια ομάδα με υψηλή εξειδίκευση, μόλις 18 ανθρώπων. Έτσι κάθε χειροποίητη φιάλη Armand De Brignac που σας προσφέρουμε είναι πραγματικά μοναδική.

Συλλεκτικές συσκευασίες για ξεχωριστές προτάσεις δώρων

Για τους λάτρεις η εμπειρία αποτελεί έναν σημαντικό παράγοντα η επιλογή του πούρου.

Διαθέτουμε όλα τα σήματα χειροποίητων κουβανέζικων πούρων της Habanos S.A, όπως Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta,  Hoyo de Monterrey, χειροποίητων πούρων της Νικαράγουα, του Αγίου Δομίνικου  και της Ονδούρας όπως Davidoff, Aurora, Rocky Patel κ.α.

Όλα τα πούρα τα προμηθευόμαστε από τους συνεργάτες μας οι οποίοι συνεργάζονται με τους επίσημους αντιπροσώπους ώστε να διασφαλίζεται η ποιότητα και η αυθεντικότητά τους. Διατηρούνται σε άριστες συνθήκες μέσα στον εντυπωσιακό υγραντήρα του καταστήματός MIAMIS.

Συμπληρώστε εδώ την λίστα σας με τα πούρα που θέλετε να αγοράσετε ή μπορείτε να απευθυνθείτε στο έμπειρο προσωπικό μας και να σας συμβουλέψει με χρήσιμα tips για την αγορά πούρου. Παρέχεται 10% εκπτωση στις αρχικές τιμές του καταστήματος.

Η παράδοση γίνεται μέσα σε 1-2 ημέρες και δωρεάν από μισθωμένο όχημα ώστε να διασφαλίσουμε ότι θα παραλάβετε την παραγγελία σας χωρίς καμία καθυστέρηση. Αν έχουμε την ποσότητα που θέλετε, στον δικό μας χώρο τότε η παράδοση γίνεται και αυθημερόν. Πληρωμές γίνονται δεχτές μόνο μέσω τραπεζικής κατάθεσης ή με την μέθοδο της αντικαταβολής.

Όσοι μένουν στην ευρύτερη περιοχή του Κολωνακίου μπορούν να έρθουν να παραλάβουν την παραγγελία τους και από το γραφείο μας, στέλνοντας SMS με τον αριθμό 2.
H μάσκα εντός του γραφείου είναι υποχρεωτική. 

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες ή τηλεφωνικές παραγγελίες επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας στο 2107220005 (όλη την εβδομάδα 10:00 – 21:00) ή μέσω email στο

The Winners of the World Superyacht Awards 2020 Announced

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The winners of the 2020 World Superyacht Awards have been revealed. From the newly crowned Motor Yacht of the Year to the prestigious Voyager’s Award, find out which yachts scooped this year’s coveted Neptunes…

Motor Yacht of the Year – PI

Sailing Yacht of the Year – CANOVA

Refitted Yachts – OASIS

Rebuilt Yachts – VAGRANT

Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts Below 500GT 35m and Above – MANGUSTA GRANSPORT 45

Displacement Motor Yachts Below 499GT 30m to 39.9m – THE BEAST

Displacement Motor Yachts Below 499GT 40m and Above – BINTADOR

Displacement Motor Yachts Between 500GT and 999GT – NAJIBA

Displacement Motor Yachts Between 1,000GT and 1,499GT – METIS

Displacement Motor Yachts Between 1,500GT and 1,999GT – PI

Displacement Motor Yachts Between 2,000GT and 4,999GT – LADY S

Displacement Motor Yachts 5,000GT and Above – FLYING FOX

Voyager’s Award – DOROTHEA III

Judges’ Commendation Winners

Rebuilt Yachts – MAGNA GRECIA

Displacement Motor Yachts Between 2,000GT and 4,999GT – MADSUMMER

Voyager’s Award – PRESSURE DROP

Motor Yacht of the Year: Pi

Length: 77.3m
Builder: Feadship
Naval architect: Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects
Exterior design: Jarkko Jämsén
Interior design: Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design

The 10 winners of the individual motor yacht classes compete for the highly coveted title of Motor Yacht of the Year. When deciding this award, the judges acknowledge the difficulty of comparing such diverse yachts, while being aware that they are seeking the “very best of the best” – a vessel that is considered exceptional by any and every measure.

Understandably, a larger, fully customised yacht often wins this prize in view of the much larger budget that is usually available to its builder and designers, and often this has led to the Neptune being won by the very largest yacht. But this was a year of excellence in which many entries approached a standard that could be considered “exceptional”, and judges were unable to immediately direct their gaze towards an obvious winner. Discussion eventually concentrated on three yachts but when the result of the secret ballot was announced it became clear that Pi built by Feadship’s Royal Van Lent shipyard with exterior design by Jarkko Jämsén and interiors by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, had taken this title by a significant margin.

The judges admired this yacht’s harmonious exterior lines, and the sophistication of her Zen-like interior, while approving of the extreme connectivity between interior and exterior brought about by her floor-to-ceiling glazing on the main deck and large lower deck portlights. Technically, this had been difficult to engineer, and this aspect, as well as the overall perfection of her construction, had influenced the judges’ views. Such excellence made her a worthy winner of this prestigious title.

Sailing Yacht of the Year: Canova

Length: 43.3m
Builder: Baltic Yachts
Naval architect: Farr Yacht Design
Exterior design: Lucio Micheletti
Interior design: Lucio Micheletti

With just one sailing yacht class in this year’s World Superyacht Awards, the only question for the judges to answer was whether the class winner, the 43.3-metre Baltic Canova, was also a worthy winner of the Sailing Yacht of the Year title, an award presented only to truly exceptional vessels. The unanimous response from the judges reiterated their earlier enthusiasm and confirmed that this enviable trophy was hers. The groundbreaking DSS and environmental technology built into this yacht has already been documented in the class winners text, but the judges’ passion extended much further than this.

The calm practicality of her interior design by the Milan-based Lucio Micheletti, and a general arrangement plan that placed the crew aft in excellent quarters at the epicentre of the yacht’s sailing and mechanical aspects, was also admired. The amidships master suite was another positive, as was the combination of owner’s study and an adjacent secluded area for guests to retreat to with a book, that can be converted into a third guest cabin.

Sailing and navigational functions, as well as operational practicalities, were also not overlooked. Twin fully instrumented helm stations set well outboard give the helmsman a choice of standing behind the wheel or steering from a sitting position on the gunwale, with the display screen able to rotate to suit both choices as well as fold away when out of use. The staysail is self-tacking, and two tenders are stowed beneath the decks – a seven-metre with 45-knot performance below the foredeck, and a five-metre below the aft deck.

The list goes on, but one thing is certain – this yacht is a design leader.

Refitted Yachts: Oasis

Length: 59.4m
Builder: Lürssen
Refit interior design: FM Architettura d’Interni

Five yachts contended for the Refit category, which is defined as: “Repairs and modifications carried out to a yacht necessitated by the number of years the yacht has been in service.” After full consideration and intense discussion among the judges, the secret ballot revealed a near unanimous decision to present the Neptune to Oasis, a 59.4 metre originally built by Lürssen in 2006. Designed and project managed by FM Architettura d’Interni, based in Ancona, Italy, with the collaboration of the captain and crew but without the involvement of a shipyard, the project took place in two relatively short phases.

The first, just three months in length, remodelled and redecorated the sundeck, master suite and the yacht’s public saloons to make them suitable for contemporary lifestyles, creating multi-purpose, flexible living areas in preparation for the yacht’s first summer season with the new owners and their large family. It was a tough task in both scope and duration. The second period took place from the following January until April 2019, when the cabins and remaining areas were completed.

The judges felt that this project was remarkable not only for its detailed planning and execution, which allowed so much to be achieved in such a short time, but also for the excellence of the result. The skilled team from FM Architettura d’Interni remodelled and transformed a tired interior – using lots of Italian leather and sanding down glossy maple burr to leave a more contemporary matt finish – and redesigned the sundeck to suit the lifestyle of the new owners. The judges were truly impressed by this remarkable achievement.

Rebuilt Yachts: Vagrant

Length: 40m
Builder: Herreshoff
Refit yard: Huisfit (by Royal Huisman)
Refit naval architect: Herreshoff (rig update by Dykstra Naval Architects & Rondal)
Refit exterior design: Herreshoff
Refit interior design: Huisfit (by Royal Huisman)

Entries for this class are made under the general heading of “Refitted and Rebuilt Yachts” and the decision regarding the specific class into which a yacht falls – Refitted or Rebuilt – is made by the jury after having reviewed the entries in detail. This year the jury decided that of the three yachts that warranted entry into the Rebuilt class, one stood out, not only for the painstaking manner in which the rebuild was undertaken, but also for the magnificent result.

Rebuilt by the Royal Huisman shipyard over a 22-month period, this yacht was Vagrant, designed by the legendary Nathanael G Herreshoff and launched from the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company shipyard in Bristol, Rhode Island, in 1913 for Harold S Vanderbilt. Vagrant was shipped to Royal Huisman in such poor condition that it was unsafe for her to make the journey on her own bottom, and on arrival she was completely stripped out, with her interior and deck woodwork carefully taken apart for preservation. Her hull was sandblasted, thin plates replaced and all her rivets welded in place to avoid potential future leakage.

All engine room equipment, wiring and piping was completely replaced at the Dutch yard, while her woodwork was repaired and restored. A new sailplan and rig were also created to simplify sail handling so that the yacht can cruise with a limited crew.

The judges were highly impressed with the detailed work undertaken that has undoubtedly helped preserve this magnificent yacht for another 100 years at least.

Support Vessels: Hodor

Length: 66.2m
Builder: Astilleros Armon
Naval architect: Incat Crowther
Exterior design: Incat Crowther
Interior design: Oliver Design

Increasing numbers of support vessels are being built so the awards now include a specific class for such craft. Of the two entries, the judges felt that Hodor, designed by the Australian naval architect Incat Crowther and built in Spain by Astilleros Armon, was the outstanding vessel.

Built on a catamaran platform, Hodor’s 22.5-knot top speed is sufficient to outrun her mothership, making her able to prepare tenders and toys for immediate use when the mothership arrives and, on departure, pack up, overtake, and repeat the process. She carries five tenders, the largest of which has a 17-metre overall length, and a whole host of toys. There are nine jet skis, four quad bikes, two all-terrain vehicles, two trail motorcycles, two Laser dinghies and a Hobie Cat. In addition, there is a submarine that is housed in a garage on the main deck. This is launched using twin beam-cranes, which also serve the other tenders and toys. The launch and recovery of tenders can also be made using a hydraulic platform that is set between the hulls and which rises to the aft part of the main deck, while two knuckle-boom cranes on the bridge deck serve the larger craft.

There are also facilities for guests arriving by helicopter, thus keeping the mothership disruption-free. In this respect, located aft on the bridge deck is a fully certified six-tonne landing pad that takes craft up to the size of an Airbus H145. Arriving guests walk forward to a plush waiting room behind the bridge, from which they descend to a room on the lower deck and directly board a waiting tender through a shell door. The judges thought this well-conceived vessel a worthy winner.

Sailing Yachts: Canova

Length: 43.3m
Builder: Baltic Yachts
Naval architect: Farr Yacht Design
Exterior design: Lucio Micheletti
Interior design: Lucio Micheletti

In this age of environmental awareness it is extraordinary that so few large sailing yachts are being commissioned and built. Just four yachts qualified for this category, but even so it contained some interesting and innovative yachts. The judges soon focused on the 43.3-metre Canova, built by Baltic Yachts as a fast cruising yacht without concession to racing. They admired her high-quality build, attractive lines and excellent general arrangement plan, and were blown away by the yacht’s concept and systems, including the innovative technology requested by her owner. A secret ballot confirmed her as the winner by a huge margin.

Her green credentials – always important to the judges – were as good as you can get on a vessel of this size, where the crew will always need mechanical assistance for sail handling. While under power, Canova is propelled by a highly efficient, 340-degree- rotating, electrical Azipod driven by two medium-sized 224kW generators, with any excess power generation used to charge her large bank of lithium-ion batteries. Under sail in a reasonable breeze, the Azipod can be put into use as a hydrogenerator, charging batteries and delivering sufficient power to run the yacht’s sailing and household systems, with the batteries contributing in times of peak demand. Canova also boasts groundbreaking innovation with her Dynamic Stability Systems foil, whose proven ability to reduce heel, increase speed and improve ride comfort might just persuade more owners to build large sailing boats. This, the judges considered, is a vessel that should influence the future of sailing superyachts.

Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts Below 500GT 30m to 34.9m – IV Dreams

Length: 32.8m
Builder: Custom Line – Ferretti Group
Naval architect: Custom Line – Ferretti Group
Exterior design: Francesco Paszkowski Design
Interior design: Francesco Paszkowski Design/Margherita Casprini

This class presented the judges with an impressive line-up of equally sized yachts, all of which showed an abundance of admirable qualities. Assessing the combination of features, such as exterior styling, the layout of decks and interior, technical innovation and build quality that come together to create the most well-rounded vessel is never an easy task, but after thorough discussion the secret ballot revealed the winner as IV Dreams.

The first of a new series from Custom Line, a member of the Ferretti Group, impressed the judges with its modern exterior styling, whose flowing lines incorporated large outdoor areas on the sundeck and foredeck. They also noted a spacious, well-lit interior that offers good connectivity with the outside surroundings through three wide, sliding doors in the saloon and a balcony opening from the master cabin. Four further en-suite cabins – two doubles, and two twins each equipped with a Pullman berth – provide high-quality accommodation for guests.

Additionally, the judges were impressed by the beach club that doubles as a tender garage – a unique system patented by the yard – and the well-designed crew quarters. Mechanically, the Custom Line 106 was found to be very well equipped. A pair of MTU diesels, each developing 1,939kW, drive it to a top speed of 26 knots, while at her 22-knot continuous cruising speed she delivers a 400-nautical-mile range – a fuel burn of 780 litres per hour. Range is increased to 1,050 nautical miles when cruising in displacement mode at 12 knots. This winning yacht, the judges concluded, provides a well-balanced blend of good design, quality build and desirable facilities.

Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts Below 500GT 35m and Above – Mangusta GranSport 45

Length: 45.3m
Builder: Overmarine
Naval architect: Studio PLANA
Exterior design: Alberto Mancini
Interior design: Overmarine

This category consisted of five yachts: three with traditional semi-displacement hull forms and two with fast displacement hull forms, which, because of their similar performance/engine- power relationship and comparable size, are judged in the same class.

Four yachts drew the judges’ particular attention but the secret ballot revealed the first of the new Mangusta GranSport 45 designs to be launched as the winner by a narrow margin. Perhaps the most remarkable feature of this 26-knot craft was that at its 11-knot “economical delivery” speed it provides excellent seagoing comfort combined with an extremely long range of 4,200 nautical miles, burning just 10.9 litres of fuel per mile. Such performance, perhaps a key issue in today’s environmentally aware society and certainly one that drew the judges’ attention, could not be matched by the more traditional planing and semi-displacement hull forms in this class. 

But this was not the only factor that attracted the judges’ interest towards the Mangusta. Her extensive deck areas were admired for the good use made of every square metre, while the beach club stern, with its three openings to the sea, was seen as most desirable. Large windows in the main saloon, some opening to the side decks, made for another light and airy space. This feature is repeated in the master suite, while the three guest cabins offered comfort and natural light through well-sized windows. The yacht, the judges felt, satisfied all the features that an owner with a “need for speed” might demand.

Displacement Motor Yachts Below 499GT 30m to 39.9m – The Beast

Length: 39m
Builder: Profab Central Engineering
Naval architect: LOMOcean Design
Exterior design: LOMOcean Design/ Owner
Interior design: Oceania Interiors/Owner

Probably the most diverse of the new-build categories, this five-strong class comprised three explorers, a composite production yacht and a hybrid diesel-powered yacht. All have similar maximum speeds and long-range performance so, apart from their future use, it was a good and even contest. After a thorough review of the entries the judges homed in on The Beast. At first glance, the grey camouflage paintwork of this vessel suggests a small warship, perhaps a patrol boat, but this disguise – handy in the remote areas that a long-range explorer such as this might visit – was just one element of the owner’s detailed specification.

As an enthusiastic sport fisherman, his key requirement called for the ability to carry, and safely launch, a 13-metre, 19-tonne sport fishing vessel, while the mothership remained below 500GT and 40 metres LOA to avoid local restrictions in New Zealand, its home waters. He also wanted a commercial finish to the hull, in keeping with its explorer role. With construction in his home country another priority, the contract was given to Profab Central Engineering, an experienced builder of custom-designed aluminium fishing boats and yachts in Palmerston North.

The Beast boasts deck spaces tailored for leisurely outdoor living while concealing a luxurious fully- featured interior. The judges were also impressed with the launching system for the sport fishing boat, with a safe two-point lift provided by a pair of large knuckle-cranes. The way the vessel met the long list of detailed fishing and leisure requirements set out by its owner made this a very attractive yacht.

Displacement Motor Yachts Below 499GT 40m and Above – Bintador

Length: 49.9m
Builder: Tankoa Yachts
Naval architect: Studio Francesco Rogantin
Exterior design: Francesco Paszkowski Design
Interior design: Margherita Casprini

After the photographs were screened and each yacht discussed in detail by the judges, it became apparent that their interest was being focused upon three yachts, but the secret ballot eventually revealed a clear winner – the 49.9-metre Bintador, built by Tankoa Yachts. The judges saw much to like in this sleek three-decker: its modern exterior styling appealed to them; they liked the practical layout of its decks and interior; and the manner in which its interior volume was equitably shared between guest and crew areas, both of which are divided into comfortably proportioned spaces.

They also admired Bintador’s fuel economy – a result of a refined hull shape and her being fitted with two 895kW diesels that are significantly smaller than those of her competitors. She is, nevertheless, able to reach 18 knots – a higher speed than her competitors by a clear two knots – because of her 300kW electric motors, one driving each shaft, which are powered by a pair of 250kW generators. Various combinations of main engine and electric motor provide hybrid flexibility as well as fuel economy, while running purely in diesel-electric mode (propelled by alternators powering the shaft motors) she can reach 10.5 knots and has a range of 4,900 nautical miles.

The owner wanted both a technologically advanced vessel and one that could give his guests a high standard of comfort and services. In awarding Bintador the Neptune for this class, the judges thought he had achieved this aim.

Displacement Motor Yachts Between 500GT and 999GT – Najiba

Length: 58m
Builder: Feadship
Naval architect: Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects/ Philippe Briand
Exterior design: Vitruvius Yachts
Interior design: Claudio Cicconetti Architetto/Liaigre

It was a tough field in this class, which pitted three exquisite yachts from some of northern Europe’s most distinguished yards against one another. The dimensions, power packs and propulsion of all three yachts displayed close similarity, but the detail, such as beam and gross tonnage, showed greater divergence. So did the performance figures, which first drew the judges’ attention to the Feadship Najiba.

Built at the De Vries yard, with naval architecture and styling from Philippe Briand and his Vitruvius Yachts brand, Najiba’s numbers are phenomenal for a 58-metre yacht. Her top speed of 17 knots surpassed her rivals, while her fuel burn at her 12-knot economical cruise speed was just 137 litres/hour – around half that of her competitors despite her greater beam, clearly demonstrating an efficient hull design.

Added to this, the judges were impressed by her clean, harmonious exterior lines that cradled practical deck areas bordered by solid bulwarks and a glass rail that disappears from view when seen from a distance. Her interior layout, planned by Claudio Cicconetti, was considered fresh and innovative, particularly the yacht’s main entrance from the stern platform that rises up a central stairway from a reception area to the main deck aft. From here, arriving guests pass directly into the main saloon, a room that provides their first introduction to the much admired work of the yacht’s Paris-based interior designer, Studio Liaigre.

On top of all this, the judges’ final accolade went to the extremely high quality of construction seen throughout the yacht. She is, they were certain, a worthy winner of this highly competitive class.

Displacement Motor Yachts Between 1,000GT and 1,499GT – Metis

Length: 63m
Builder: Benetti
Naval architect: Benetti
Exterior design: Giorgio M Cassetta
Interior design: Bannenberg & Rowell

Three yachts were in contention in this class and it was immediately obvious that the exterior lines of Metis were attracting the close attention of the judges. As discussions progressed it became clear that this custom-built yacht was also the frontrunner in many other areas. This was proved by the results of the secret ballot, which gave her a clear lead over her rivals who, unusually, drew for second place.

Apart from their admiration of her contemporary appearance, the judges also voiced approval of the manner in which the designers put every available external area to good use, even creating a gymnasium and observation area aloft – perfectly blended with the existing lines – while the vessel was in an advanced state of construction. The novel interior layout, meanwhile, was designed to exactly meet the needs of her owner, and the judges felt it achieves this while meeting all the modern design trends, including interiors with such good external visibility that they are at one with the surrounding seascapes.

The beach club also achieves this connection, with its comfortable lounge and bar opening directly to the sea through three huge fold-down hull openings – a design unhindered by any need to store tenders in the same area. Instead, the tenders are kept in a garage forward on the main deck between the helipad above and crew quarters beneath.

The judges considered that this was a well-constructed yacht that defied convention but, in doing so, fulfilled her owner’s needs in an elegant and stylish manner. They had no doubts that she was the clear winner of her class.

Displacement Motor Yachts Between 1,500GT and 1,999GT – Pi

Length: 77.3m
Builder: Feadship
Naval architect: Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects
Exterior design: Jarkko Jämsén
Interior design: Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design

It was immediately apparent to the judges that all four yachts in this class were outstanding vessels built to extremely high standards and demanding owner requirements. Nevertheless, one of these so clearly stood out for its combination of remarkable build quality combined with superb design and innovation that it proved to be the unanimous winner.

This yacht was Pi, built by Feadship’s Royal Van Lent Shipyard. This, the judges decided, was a yacht that bordered on perfection with its harmonious Zen minimalism, seen in both its interior and exterior. They also admired the manner in which Feadship surmounted the many obstacles in its path, the best example of which is possibly the incorporation of floor-to-ceiling windows without mullions, to create the owners’ dream of a main saloon that is truly at one with the exterior.

Engine room air-shafts were located unusually far forward to remove a visual block seen in most contemporary vessels, while the glazing itself – huge panes mounted in a novel manner – was extremely complex in view of the bi-directional curvature that reduces internal and external reflectivity.

For the judges, the icing on the cake was the detail and harmony of every interior element and Feadship’s perfect quality of construction. The original brief had been for an “iconic, innovative, elegant and timeless” vessel, and the means by which this was achieved, with the owner, designer and builder working closely together, is perhaps reflected in her original name, Syzygy 818 – an term for the perfect alignment of three celestial bodies.

Displacement Motor Yachts Between 2,000GT and 4,999GT – Lady S

Length: 93m
Builder: Feadship
Naval architect: Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects
Exterior design: Michael Leach Design
Interior design: Reymond Langton Design

Selecting a winner from among the world’s largest and most luxurious yachts is always a notoriously difficult duty for the judges, given that they do not consider the individual tastes of owners, but focus their deliberations on quality, practicality, functionality and innovation. This year’s task was no exception. This class contained some exceptional yachts and while the ballot revealed extremely close scores, it showed Lady S, built by Feadship’s Royal Van Lent yard, with its elegant exterior design by Michael Leach and interiors by Reymond Langton, as the clear winner.

First, it was the elegance and harmony of her exterior lines that attracted the judges, whose gaze was then drawn past the decks’ practical features and luxurious furniture to the innovative layout that featured fire-pits on two levels, the largest sliding glass doors seen on any yacht, and a fully-certified helipad deck isolated from the bridge deck by a walkway. This, according to her builders, was the most detailed and complex exterior they had built to date in view of its radical shapes and complex engineering.

In the interior, the judges admired the huge windows and cool elegance of the owner and guest areas, and were fascinated by the boat’s many special features. These included a large gym on the bridge deck with expansive 180-degree views and a stunning beach club, as well as the only Dolby 3D IMAX cinema ever installed on a superyacht. This, the judges agreed, was a very special yacht.

Displacement Motor Yachts 5,000GT and Above – Flying Fox

Length: 136m
Builder: Lürssen
Naval architect: Lürssen
Exterior design: Espen Øino
Interior design: Mark Berryman

The rules of the event dictate that should a class have only one entry, and its amalgamation into another class is inappropriate, judges are required to assess whether this vessel would be a worthy winner when compared to past yachts of her size. Lürssen’s Flying Fox was the sole vessel to qualify for the Displacement Yachts of 5,000GT and Above class.

With her interior volume three times greater than the largest yacht in the next class, fair comparison was deemed impossible, so the judges applied the “comparison” rule outlined above. It was clear from the outset of these deliberations, however, that the judges considered her to be an exceptional vessel, not only in technical achievement, but also for her owner and guest facilities, interior layout, and extremely high quality of construction. It was clear that Lürssen had striven for perfection, and a particularly impressive example involved the 12-metre-long pool set athwartships on the main deck aft. Concerned that the yacht’s slightest roll might initiate wave motion within the pool that would quickly empty it, Lürssen set up a program of computer modelling that resulted in several design modifications. Subsequently, the pool was successfully bench-tested and found to behave perfectly.

Add to this a beautiful interior featuring dining tables for 22, a plant-filled double-height saloon, a winter garden observation saloon and a world-beating spa and watersports centre incorporating the first cryo-sauna seen on a yacht, there was absolutely no doubt in the judges’ minds that she thoroughly deserved a Neptune.

Voyager’s Award – Dorothea III

Length: 45m
Builder: Cheoy Lee
Owners: Dorothea and Steven Green

The judges congratulated all the owners and crews of the four outstanding entries to this year’s Voyager’s Award, whose cruises were well beyond the ordinary. As discussions progressed, it became clear that the judges favoured the cruise made by Dorothea III, a 45-metre Cheoy Lee motor yacht designed by Ron Holland, owned by Steven and Dorothea Green and captained by John Crupi.

This 34,965-mile voyage, taking in the North and South Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, was, the judges felt, particularly notable not only for its huge range but also for acts of philanthropy that raised $28,000 for humanitarian causes on the way. Dorothea III was also accompanied by a Hatteras 63GT sportfishing boat, Post One, which travelled much of the cruise under its own power.

Starting in Fort Lauderdale in January 2018, the two vessels spent their first few months in Central America, fishing, cruising and perfecting their ship-to-ship refuelling, while passing through the Panama Canal to Costa Rica and returning to the Caribbean. From here they travelled on to Bermuda before crossing the North Atlantic to Portugal.

Their onward path took them to the Canary, Cape Verde and Ascension Islands before a South Atlantic crossing to Brazil. Post One was shipped to Panama, while Dorothea III continued south to Chilean Patagonia. Cruising north through the Chilean canals, Dorothea III was reunited with Post One in the Galápagos and the two sailed on through the Marquesas, Tuamotus, Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu, to finish their cruise in Cairns, Australia. The judges thought this outstanding adventure well worthy of a Neptune.


Azimut Atlantis 43: New CA announcement Bonita charter yacht for daily cruises

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Azimut Yachts materials have been designed and developed to offer users the most accurate representation of the yacht possible. The finish, standard equipment and range of optional on offer may vary from hull to hull.

Having her compact 43 feet of length in mind, her spacious beam and impressive headroom raises the bar in her class. If you add the stunning and versatile layout to this package, with ample exterior sunbathing areas on the fore and aft deck including a practical tender garage below, and a well-equipped and ergonomic cockpit, the new Atlantis 43 for hire truly results into one of the most compelling motor yachts for rent.

Equipped with an air condition system available for the cabins, saloon, and even the cockpit. Independent power supply will be ensured thanks to the generator. Furthermore, she boasts with a hydraulic swimming platform being your private teak beach extension on sea level not only offering safe entrance into the sea or dinghy but also being a nice chill spot for enjoying views and let one’s legs dangle in the water. The cockpit features a wet bar, sink, and BBQ grill and comprises an own fridge. The audio-visual entertainment systems consist of a LED-TV in the saloon and DVD-player as well as external speakers so you can listen to your favorite MP3 music regardless of being inside or relaxing outside.

Bonita is an open motor yacht that combines speed, superb stability, and optimal guest comfort in order to provide the which will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Available for daily charter (up to 10 guests), weekly and small events (romantic dinner, wedding proposal, pizza night with friends, etc.)


*Perfect for shadow boat to megayachts 

If you seek a perfect small fast and modern motor boat for hire, with no compromises on comfort, having performance and design in mind, with latest technical features and amenities on board, then there is no way around Bonita motor yacht.

Key Features & Equipment

  • A stunning cruising performance of max speed at 30 knots
  • A design feature is rarely seen on a yacht of her size
  • Two underwater lights

The best superyachts pools in the world

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Superyacht swimming pools represent the ultimate spot for on-board relaxation and some of the world’s biggest yacht builders have taken novel approaches to this challenge. We take a closer look at some of the finest examples, including Flying Fox and Madsummer.


Flying Fox

One of the biggest superyachts in the world, Lürssen’s 136 metre Flying Fox, is unsurprisingly home to one of the biggest pools. Thanks to the yacht’s 22.5 metre beam, the aft deck accommodates a 12 metre pool that sits transversely (the first of its kind). Among its cool features are counter-current jets, a height-adjustable floor, and a glass front that can be misted to opaque at the touch of a button.

Image courtesy of Guillaume Plisson



The 64 metre Attila features three pools, but the most striking by far is that on the aft end of the main deck, with glass walls and floor shedding light on to the beach club below. Measuring 5m by 3m, it holds 16,500 litres of water, equivalent to some 16.5 tonnes. The glass needed to be incredibly strong to resist the force from slopping water – in the case of Sanlorenzo yacht Attila, the glass is more than 2cm thick.

Image courtesy of Guillaume Plisson



Madsummer’s centrepiece swimming pool sits aft of the main deck, surrounded by sunpads and glass bulwarks. Positioning the swimming pool here freed up space in the beach club below and allows the owner to view the area from the private owner’s deck two decks above. Just like the upper saloon and observation lounge, the swimming pool area is furnished with the characteristic blues that are found throughout the Lürssen superyacht.



Most of Amadea’s visitors will arrive in one of the yacht’s custom Windy tenders, where their first view is of the teak of the beach club, which is partly overhung by the 10-metre pool on the main deck, overflowing down a glass wall behind the boat’s backlit name. It is an impressive way to make the boat’s acquaintance. “I tried to make it dramatic,” says exterior designer Espen Øino of the pool. “Loungers at either side kind of float in space, and look like two wings coming off it.”

Image courtesy of Guillaume Plisson



The eight metre sundeck pool contains 22 tonnes of fresh water warmed via waste heat recovery. It has a glass wall for watching grandchildren at play, and a skylight at the bottom which sits above the main staircase.

Elandess won four gongs at the Boat International Design and Innovation Awards 2019 and was delivered in 2018 by Abeking and Rasmussen with exterior and interior design by Harrison Eidsgaard.

Photo: Mike Jones/Waterline Media



The spectacular 15 metre pool aboard the Terence Disdale-designed Eclipse features a bottom that raises to create a paddling pool, or lifts to turn the area into a dance floor. Is there anything it can’t do, in fact? Its transforming properties makes superyacht Eclipse‘s pool one of the best.


Here Comes The Sun

Next up is the main deck swimming pool on board 83 metre Here Comes The Sun
Easy to access, this long and shallow pool ends with a swim-up superyacht bar — one of the main attractions of the first Amels Limited Editions 272 yacht, which was delivered to her Beatles-loving owner in early 2017.

Photo: Jeff Brown/Breed Media



When Feadship teamed up with CG Design to create Savannah there was a real focus on fine details, and the swimming pool is a great example of this with an intricate mosaic pattern created on the bottom. Flanked by sunpads and a massive C-shaped wrap of seating, this is an ideal spot to soak up some sun.



The view on board Dream’s forward bar overlooks the massive swimming pool on board the 106.5 metre conversion, which is split across two-levels. The swimming pool has been designed for easy operation and can be emptied into a dump tank in nine minutes, either from the deck or wheelhouse.


Seven Sins

With a glass bottom and glass panels, the pool on the first Sanlorenzo 52 Steel yacht Seven Sins plays with transparencies, creating a spectacular effect in the superyacht beach club below.

Styled inside and out by Officina Italiana Design, Seven Sins was launched in January 2017 and is the largest yacht from Sanlorenzo to date.

Image courtesy of Guillaume Plisson


Plvs Vltra

The large superyacht swimming pool on board the 74 metre Amels Limited Editions 242 yacht Plvs Vltra was one of the owner’s most important requirements. A counter-current system allows guests to get a proper workout, while the adjacent sunloungers and bar area ensure there’s plenty of room for unwinding after a serious swim.

Photo: Jeff Brown/Breed Media


Cloud 9

The deep pool on the main deck of the 74 metre CRN custom yacht Cloud 9 contains 10,000 litres of water projecting wave patterns into the beach club below it.

The swimming pool also had an influence on the interior styling by British studio Winch Design — a 1.5 metre deep lie-down sofa can be found in the adjacent saloon, which is ideal for relaxing after doing a couple of lengths.

Photo: Maurizio Paradisi



The aft of the sun deck is one of the most popular locations for fitting a superyacht pool and this picture of 40 metre Mondomarine Serenity shows exactly why.

Stunning views out to sea above and below the surface are only broken by a slender grab rail, while the shimmering Bisazza blue tiles match nicely with the adjacent sun pad cushions.



The sublimely silent 66 metre ISA superyacht Okto has a real party piece — a superyacht swimming pool that can change colour. Measuring 6.5 metres by 4.5 metres, this aft-deck pool features underwater lighting that can switch from blue to red to green at the touch of a button, and a large pane of glass above the name plate means that those relaxing on the bathing platform can also appreciate this stunning effect.


Galactica Super Nova

Heesen Yachts’ 70 metre flagship superyacht Galactica Super Nova, which was launched in 2016, boasts a large jet stream infinity pool ideal for swimming laps with a waterfall flowing down from the upper deck.

The waterfall feature isn’t just good looking but creates an opaque screen that can be used for projecting films onto.

Photo: Guillaume Plisson


Quite Essential

Five years before Heesen revealed Galactica Super Nova, the concept of a superyacht pool with a waterfall was already proven on board the 55 metre yacht Quite Essential, previously known as Quinta Essentia.

This opaque sheet of water falls into the spa pool, providing added privacy on the main deck when moored stern-to in port.



The swimming pool on superyacht Elysian is simply spectacular. Located on the aft deck, it spans two levels with a shallow end and a swim-up seat. Surrounded by sunpads, this is one of the best swimming pools we’ve seen as it allows parents to soak up the sun while keeping a watchful eye on any young swimmers. We also love this pool because it looks very cool. The water forms a waterfall down the front of the transom, running into teak grates below.

Image courtesy of Guillaume Plisson



Quattroelle, has one of the best superyacht pools. Step up and then step in to the infinity pool on the bridge deck of this Lürssen superyacht. With just a lip of glass keeping the water – and you – contained, it feels as if one could float off into the distance.



Few other boats have dedicated so much space to sun worshipping. Luna’s long, elegant trail away deck offers a vast pool — one of the best found on a superyacht — and an even vaster deck for sitting and soaking up the sun.

Image courtesy of Guillaume Plisson



After you have visited Solandge’s sauna, steam room, massage room and gym, a few smug laps in the adjacent glass-backed pool will show off your toned physique in style. This is truly one of the best superyacht pools and spa havens to be found.


Alfa Nero

You all know what the H stands for. Yes, the bottom of Alfa Nero’s pool rises up to create a helicopter landing pad, flush with the deck. It’s got a built-in current and incredible views too. The iconic yacht Alfa Nero is oft-credited as the first yacht to embrace the infinity pool, and even years after its launch, Alfa Nero‘s pool still ranks among the best.


The best rose wines to enjoy on board this summer

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There’s something about rosé that quickly transports us back to halcyon days when the weather is warmer, the days are longer and afternoons are whiled away with a cold glass of wine. Whether your summer setup is enjoyed onboard a luxury yacht or on the Athens Riviera or also even better on the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos, there’s no wine better suited to alfresco dining and awesome events.

There’s been a resurgence of rosé in recent summers with new generations discovering the joys of pink wine, we’ve even seen demand extend into frozé iced drinks and rosé ice pops. Millennials caused a rosé boom and the supermarkets have expanded their offerings as much as 15% to meet demand. As a result, we’re spoilt for choice and it’s hard to know what’s good.

One thing that needs to be cleared up is that paler isn’t always better. In fact, colour has no correlation with quality and the variation in colour comes from a number of contributing factors, the main one being the grape variety and the maceration process. If you were once stung by the vivid pink-hued rosé of the zinfandel boom, it’s time to stick your head above the parapet and experiment once again with more colourful rosés. There’s a whole world of flavours to discover in varied rosé wines and colour shouldn’t hold you back.

To that end, we’ve rounded up the best rosé wines to enjoy this summer…

Whispering Angel Rose is a blend of Grenache, Rolle, Cinsault, Syrah, and Mourvedre grapes. Strikingly pale pink in color, the aromas are fresh and fruity. On the palate, it is bone dry through the finish. The name really suits the delicate nature of this wine. That was the must-have tipple at every summer party for the last two years.
Caves d’esclans identifies vineyards, grapes and wines from château d’esclans as well as local growers to make what has reputedly become the world’s greatest rose.

This is such an elegant rose that is more similar to a white Burgundy. Garrus wine is one of the most stylish, elegant roses the wine world has to offer.
From 8-year-old Grenache vines. Seems the palest and most orange of the 28s. Slightly more savoury and more obviously garrigue-influenced than Les Clans. Lovely creamy texture and a little bit of lemon cream on the finish. Reminds me of a white burgundy in some ways. Very persistent.
This is a very unusual top quality rose from the South of France. It is made from a blend of local grapes, and it is aged in oak barrels. It is a delicate salmon pink and has complex flavours of red berries and a savoury creaminess.

One of the 9 Muses, a true pleasure for the eyes with beautiful salmon color! A.muse is light, fruity, smooth, lively and elegant.
The soil is fertile, with mixed composition ranging from sandy loam to clay loam thus offering the possibility of producing wines of exquisite quality and rich aromas. The microclimate of the region is characterized by cold winters and warm summers, while a small river called Permisos contribute to the existence of a mild continental climate.

Light peachy colour. Explosive nose with hints of white flower, strawberry, peach and citrus fruit. The aromatic mouth with flavors of grapefruit and stone fruit gives a lovely character to this wine.
For Idylle d’Achinos, three equally divided varieties are entangled in a great romance, one that is beyond time. Agiorgitiko, Syrah and Grenache Noir in equal parts, are vinified with minimal extraction in order to give a wine with the main characteristic of finesse.
French, Greek, say it the way you want. You will hardly find so much concentrated in one glass!

The alcoholic fermentation and takes place in stainless refrigerated tanks at 17°C. The colour is vivid, bright rose with cherry highlights and scnets of cherry, strawberry and flowers. Oenanthe Rose the taste complements the aromas with a nice acid sensation and velvety tannins.
The food pairing is seafood dishes, fish and white meat.

Dianthus arboreus is the scientific name for the widely known carnation or according to mythology the “flower of Zeus”. Myth has it that Zeus was envious of the lily, the flower chosen by his spouse Hera, and decided to create a flower of his own, worthy or even better than hers. So one day he cast a bolt of thunder and through the lightning and the thick smoke grew DIANTHOS… an exceptional rose made with Xinomavro grapes!

From the Ioannis Vatista Winery, which has been taken over by his much-loved daughter Maria Vatista, he brings us close to his wines again with new varieties.
Three local varieties, Mandilaria, Thrapsa and Mavroudi gave us this rose-petal color, rich in abundant red fruit and wild flower aromas, balanced rose wine. Enjoy at 10-12°C, with pasta, cheese and light red sauces.
IRINON Dry Rose Wine by Protected Geographical Region Laconia.

Top six superyacht cinemas

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Even on board a superyacht in the scorching Mediterranean, there’s nothing quite like being able to sit down in luxurious comfy surroundings to enjoy a good movie. As such, it’s no surprise that today’s superyachts are more often than not kitted out with lavish cinema rooms and deck spaces for this exact purpose.

Though cinemas are becoming more common on superyachts, there are still a select few that stand out for their sheer awe or creative use of features. Below, we take a look at some of our favourites.

1. Maltese Falcon, for her sail cinema screen

The iconic Perini Navi sailing yacht, Maltese Falcon, boasts one of most impressive al-fresco cinema setups on a superyacht. A powerful projector uses not a purpose-built screen to project its image on to, but instead, Maltese Falcon’s own sails. What better canvas for a projector than one that is multi-purpose, permanent, and more than huge enough for an insanely immersive viewing experience on deck.

2. Cyan, for her outdoor cinema

With an impressive drop-down screen, a state-of-the-art entertainment system, and an extensive on-board movie library, films are experienced at their best at Cyan’s impressive outdoor cinema.

3. Jems, for her spa-pool cinema

The 44-metre Heesen superyacht, Jems, is packed throughout with some incredible audio-visual equipment, but the star of the show is its outdoor cinema. Found on the sundeck, the removable screen allows guests to enjoy a film from the relaxation of the hot tub on deck.

4. Solemar, for her sun-deck cinema

Sit back on one of many luxurious chaise longues on the expansive sun deck on board the 62m Amels-built Solemar and get a magnificent view of the three-metre custom outdoor cinema screen with HD projector. A true movie under the stars!

5. Polar Star, for her outdoor cinema

Lürssen’s 63m Polar Star provides a fantastic on-deck movie-watching experience, with ample seating, atmospheric lighting and a large, modern cinema screen. It fits the ‘entertainment’ theme of Polar Star, which also features a huge range of exciting amenities, including Yamaha Waverunners, a fully featured gym, Seabobs, and snorkelling and diving equipment.

6. Axioma, for her indoor cinema

Charter favourite Axioma, built by Dunya Yachts, is one of the most expensive yachts to charter and has an impressive, cosy indoor cinema on the lower deck. The room recreates the atmosphere of a real cinema in high-end style, with eight luxurious seats and crew gladly bringing you more popcorn that you’ll ever need or want — just like the real deal.

Axioma’s cinema is just one of the reasons why celebs love to charter her. She also has a mesmerising atrium and an iconic swimming pool, to sweeten the offering.


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