The cooperating company Allucansea we help you create the memories that will remain long after your yacht charter is over. Memories of an afternoon being cosseted by the crew after visiting a magnificent new destination, memories of a superb dinner with loved-ones watching a stunning sunset, memories of exciting water-sports you had never previously tried, memories of land tours to a site you have always wanted to visit, memories of dancing the night away and returning to a warm welcome and a dawn breakfast. The luxury of yacht charter: the time to do what suits you while everything is discretely taken care of, leaving you free to create those memories. Your crew will pamper you from the time you board and will be flexible to your wishes. Nothing is too much trouble and anything is possible. All that is certain is that you will return from your charter refreshed with memories to treasure. And they are yours forever.

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Allucansea is a parent company that provides all yachts that are available for parties and events from Luxury Yacht Parties.