Christina O


Build / Refit2004 / 2018
Cabin guests34
Guests on boardup to 250
Speed14 knots

More than any other yacht, Christina O is a symbol of romance, and coming aboard you feel it’s magic.

The yacht is a stage and has a history of the most glamorous, and heroic business, political, and entertainment protagonists.

Aristotle Onassis understood perfectly what people need to come together, relax and be entertained. You simply need old-world charm.

We invite you to charter or organize your dream event to take advantage of a perfect venue for any gathering of friends and family. You can cruise in absolute comfort and offer your guests an unforgettable experience involving an iconic yacht.

Whether you have experience of large yachts or not, you will appreciate the unique atmosphere and romantic power of this historic vessel. Onassis knew that modern yachts lack class in comparison.

“CHRISTINA O has infinitely better deck space for entertaining than the latest yachts built today.
The experience of cruising in such style is almost impossible to replicate”

CHRISTINA O’s canopied decks are the ideal venue for any extra special occasion. She can daily cruise with up to 157 persons and up to 250 guests can be entertained on her canopied decks for the ultimate event at the dock.

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