Whether you are a yacht owner or charter user, yachts of all types and sizes are often targeted in Mykonos. 

However, we have at our service the security of yachts and for the guests, so that you feel safe on the beautiful and famous island of Mykonos and make your vacation carefree.

We take security very seriously and we provide high-quality security and safety services while you are on board in the yacht for an event or at the cruise.

The collaboration with our bodyguards, who are trained by excellent trainers at regular intervals to be fully specialized in the following areas:
Providing protection and medical assistance, excellent knowledge of self-defence and arms handling methods, surveillance and security for yachts, homes and villas, execution of plans, excellent communication skills and crisis management, knowledge of each country’s legislation, correct and immediate threat and risk assessment.

With our excellent bodyguards, we protect, heads of state, government executives and officials, diplomats, entrepreneurs, ship owners and other economic individuals, presidents and managers of groups, companies and sports teams, athletes, artists and celebrities, news correspondents and any important person needing special personal security (VIP Protection).